Best Bitcoin Cards of 2022

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How much do you know about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency? Have you ever heard about bitcoin cards but don’t quite understand what they are or how to use them?

In this guide on the best bitcoin debit cards, you’ll learn all about what makes these cards so great, who can get one, and the best card providers of 2022. These are the top cryptocurrency debit cards of 2022!

Since its inception in 2008, Bitcoin has revolutionized how people exchange money and pay for goods and services worldwide.

There are many different ways to use this cryptocurrency. But one of the most popular—and easiest—is through debit cards, which enable you to spend Bitcoin like regular currency wherever credit cards are accepted.

While many different bitcoin debit cards are on the market, not all are created equal. Some cards have higher fees, while others offer more features and benefits. When choosing a bitcoin debit card, it’s essential to compare the different options and find the card that best suits your needs.

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What is The Best Debit Card For Bitcoin?

Coinbase: Best Overall

The best card for bitcoin is Coinbase[1]. This card has low fees, an easy application process, and no limits on how much you can spend while abroad. The best Bitcoin debit cards have features like a cashback program and a cardholder perk that rewards every purchase with extra points or cashback.

When choosing a Bitcoin debit card, it’s essential to research all the aspects, such as the costs associated with international transactions and currency conversion fees, to choose one that fits your needs. There are various types of Bitcoin debit cards available so compare them carefully before choosing one.

For example, a Bitcoin debit card might be cheaper if you’re spending only within the U.S. Still, Bitcoin debit cards offer specific benefits for students or those who travel internationally. Some Bitcoin debit cards have low processing fees, which might be ideal for people who send money overseas often, but others provide higher levels of customer service.

Suppose you want to avoid paying hefty international transactions and currency conversion fees. In that case, a bitcoin prepaid card is the best choice because these come without any exchange rates or other charges.

Best Low-Fee Card


BlockCard is the best debit card for low fees. BlockCard charges a monthly cost of $5.00, and other Bitcoin debit card providers charge significantly higher prices, such as Shift Card and BitPay.

Unlike some other cards, BlockCard does not charge ATM withdrawal fees and offers free ATM withdrawals worldwide. There are no foreign transaction fees when using this card to purchase goods or services from merchants outside the United States and no international ATM withdrawal fees.

Best Card For Cardholder Perks


For cardholder perks, an ideal Bitcoin debit card is the Wirex. It offers a unique rewards system that allows you to earn 8% cash back on purchases at select retailers and supports up to 150+ traditional and fiat currencies.

The rewards system also gives you a free monthly credit for up to $100 in BTC, which can be used to purchase anything from groceries to household items anywhere in the world with Visa Card.

Best Bitcoin Card For Cashback


BlockFi is one of the reliable Cards for Bitcoin for cashback, with a card that offers up to 1.5% back on all purchases. The low-fee card is also one of the best Bitcoin debit cards, as it charges no international fees and features an unlimited ATM withdrawal limit. If you are looking for Bitcoin debit cards in 2022, this is a great choice.


Binance is another choice for Bitcoin debit cards cashback, as they offer support for 15 cryptos and cashback of up to 8% in BNB. With Bitcoin debit cards, you can store your funds right on the card’s account. You can spend your cryptocurrencies at more than 40 million points worldwide, making it one of the best Bitcoin debit cards.

Best Bitcoin Card For U.S and U.K Residents


Wirex is also a sound Bitcoin debit card for those who live in the U.S. or U.K. Residents can spend with their cards at over 20 million points of sale and receive excellent customer service. Still, they do not get a physical card or online access to funds as with other cards.

The low-fee Wirex card also has one of the highest limits for instant bitcoin withdrawals among all cards listed, but it lacks some perks, such as travel insurance and concierge services that other cards offer.


BitPay is a cryptocurrency payment platform. This is also the best card for U.S. citizens. They offer a Bitcoin debit card, which can be used at both online and offline merchants. Additionally, you can use the card to withdraw cash from an ATM.

The best Bitcoin debit cards are issued by companies that have been in business for years and have established reputations. Bitcoin is a hot topic, but not all crypto cards are created equally.

Best No-Fee Bitcoin Card


Nuri is a bitcoin debit card that doesn’t charge any fee for purchases or withdrawals. It also has a relatively low foreign transaction fee, which can come in handy if traveling overseas and making many purchases with your Bitcoin debit card.

Nuri also has no monthly maintenance fees[8], so it’s a good option if you don’t want to pay an annual fee but would like access to additional features. The only drawback to this card is that it’s not available in European Economic Area.

How to Apply For a Bitcoin Debit Card?

You must provide your personal information and identification to apply for a Bitcoin debit card. You will also need to link the Bitcoin debit card to your bank account by submitting a request online or on the mobile app. Once your account is linked, use your Bitcoin debit cards like any other credit or debit card.

Make sure that you review the terms and conditions before applying so that you are aware of all fees associated with it. Prices vary depending on which card issuer you choose; some offer free ATM withdrawals, while others charge a certain percentage of each retreat and an additional monthly fee.

How to Use a Bitcoin Debit Card?

A Bitcoin debit card allows you to spend your Bitcoin balance just like a regular debit card. You can use your card to make purchases online and in brick-and-mortar stores and to withdraw cash from ATMs.

You first need a Bitcoin wallet to use a debit card. Then, you can load your card with Bitcoin by sending it to the card’s address. Once your card is loaded, you can use it anywhere that accepts debit cards.

When you make a purchase, the merchant will receive fiat currency (e.g., USD) while your card is debited the corresponding amount in Bitcoin. When you withdraw cash from an ATM, you will receive fiat currency while your card is debited the corresponding amount in Bitcoin.


Bitcoin debit cards are a fast and convenient way to spend bitcoin. They allow you to convert bitcoin into fiat currencies, use them at ATMs, or buy goods using bitcoin.

With the growing number of Bitcoin debit cards available today, it’s easy to become confused about which one you should use.

Each card has different features and benefits that will work for some people and not for others; we’ve narrowed down some of the best Bitcoin cards available on the market right now so that you can get started with spending bitcoins quickly.

So choosing the best Bitcoin card means knowing what you want from it and finding a match.


  1. How much does a Bitcoin card cost?

    We can purchase Bitcoin cards from various sources, but an exchange is the most popular place to buy them. The cost of a Bitcoin card will vary depending on the exchange rate at the time of purchase, but typically they range from $5-$10.

  2. Where Can I Use a Bitcoin Debit Card?

    You can use a Bitcoin debit card anywhere that accepts Visa or MasterCard. Bitcoin debit cards allow you to use your bitcoins to purchase in stores, online, and ATMs. We can use the Bitcoin debit card anywhere major credit cards are accepted. This provides a convenient way for Bitcoin owners to spend their cryptocurrency without having to exchange it with a fiat currency first. It is important to note that many ATMs do not allow you to withdraw cash using a Bitcoin debit card.

  3. Are Bitcoin Debit Cards Safe to Use?

    Actually, yes, Bitcoin Debit Cards are safe to use. You need to follow some basic security practices. One of the most important is to keep your PIN private from everyone and don’t store it in your mobile phone or email. If you have more than one Bitcoin debit card, you should activate a PIN for each one. Don’t keep large amounts on any Bitcoin debit card at any time because this may increase the risk of fraud or theft.

  4. How do I withdraw money from my Bitcoin card?

    You can withdraw your money from your Bitcoin Card at any ATM or with a debit card. Most cards also allow you to transfer Bitcoin to your bank account for free.

  5. Is it worth getting a crypto Card?

    Crypto cards are one way to spend your cryptocurrency without converting it back into fiat. Bitcoin debit cards allow you to keep your funds in BTC, ETH, LTC, or other cryptocurrencies and use them just like cash anywhere that accepts Visa. A card is a good idea if you think the currency is rising.

  6. What is the Bitcoin cash withdrawal limit on a crypto debit card?

    A crypto debit card’s bitcoin cash withdrawal limit depends on your crypto card. Each crypto card has different withdrawal and deposits limits. Due to the complexities of this practice, it is hard to pinpoint the exact boundary of leaves.

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