General Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Depthcrypto website, content, software, and services are all supplied “as is.” Depthcrypto does not give any express or implied promises, representations, guarantees, or conditions on its own. Depthcrypto, its employees, offices, agents, or other representatives are also not liable for any: direct, indirect, special, or consequential loss; business or private losses, including income, savings, or profit loss, loss of contract, loss of goodwill, partnership(s) or representation(s) loss, warranty loss, data corruption, or personal loss, to the fullest extent permitted by law. Even though Depthcrypto was informed of the possible loss, the aforementioned limitations apply Depthcrypto accepts no responsibility for the inappropriate actions of visitors and/or third parties. Furthermore, Depthcrypto accepts no responsibility for the publication of any content that is not intended to represent and/or provide any type of professional advice. Depthcrypto is also not liable in any way, to any extent, in the unlikely event of catastrophic host and/or server failure or the breach, or any other Vis major, which is beyond Depthcrypto’s control. This disclaimer cannot and will not exclude any warranty or responsibility implied by UK governing law and will not exclude and/or limit any warranty or liability that would be illegal or unlawful to restrict or exclude under UK applicable law. You hereby acknowledge that you understand and agree with this liability limitation statement.

Disclaimer on User satisfaction due to hardware compatibility

Depthcrypto is not responsible for any third-party hardware compatibility issues that may arise. Third-party hardware failures, design, functionality, features, and usage limits, as well as safety consequences, are not and cannot be caused by the Depthcrypto program in any way. All compatibility details must be evaluated on the proper dedicated space/store where the Service will be downloaded. Furthermore, all compatibility specifications must be properly addressed on our Website. Depthcrypto is not liable for the usage of third-party hardware, which may result in damage to the third-party hardware because the Service only provides functioning protocols through its App.  Depthcrypto DOES NOT EXTEND THE FUNCTIONALITY OF THE SPECIFIC THIRD-PARTY HARDWARE AND SHOULD ONLY BE CONSIDERED AS A WAY OF USING AND/OR CONTROLLING THE THIRD-PARTY HARDWARE. Depthcrypto maintains complete authority in the decision to terminate support or functionality logistics for any hardware at any moment.

Hardware malfunctions cannot occur as a result of using the Depthcrypto Service. If you have encountered any problems, please contact the third-party hardware supplier or company directly and exercise your warranty, replacement, or repair rights in accordance with the contractual conditions you agreed to with the third-party Company or individual.

Disclaimer on continuity of structure, content, service, and functionality

Any component of the Service may be withdrawn at any moment at the sole discretion of the provider. Depthcrypto judgment is required. Depthcrypto is not responsible for any partial or complete discontinuation of the Service’s features, structure, functioning, or content. Any concerns about these features can be expressed by providing us with relevant feedback.

Disclaimer of Content and Limitation of Rights

Unless otherwise mentioned and/or attributed, the content on this Website is mostly original. The site’s content is gathered, changed, and published in conformity with all applicable UK and international intellectual property law requirements with respect to the Authors (Licensors). Depthcrypto, in collaboration with the Authors (Licensors), owns and controls all copyright and/or other intellectual property rights to the Service’s entire content. All copyright and/or other intellectual property rights to the full content of this Service (including, but not limited to, sections of this Service that are or are not available to the general public, registered users, persons with authorized access to specific sections of the Service, and so on) are reserved. Unilateral remarks voiding a partial or whole reservation of copyright and/or other intellectual property rights are nullified. All future licensing and/or transfers of copyright and/or other intellectual property rights pertaining to the design, content, and/or functionality of this Service can only be accomplished through a binding agreement between Depthcrypto, requiring express consent to the transfer of these rights to third parties upon their prior request, which is made available to visitors to this Service.

Users are permitted to – View specific pages of this Service that are permitted for his/her use; – Download pages from this Service for the purpose of “caching” in a web browser, print pages from this Service, stream audio or video files from this Service; – Use the services that this Service provides, using a personal computer or mobile device web browser; – Use the content, functionality, and/or services of this Service for personal (business) purposes, in accordance with the Service.

One is to prohibit, under pain of civil and criminal repercussions, the following activities: – downloading content from this Service and/or saving content to one’s private computer and/or mobile device; – editing or modifying content directly on this Service. With the exception of Licensors/Authors who have expressly reserved the right to do so, it is also prohibited to – Republish content from this Service; – Exploit or redistribute this Service’s content for commercial purposes; – Sell, rent, or sublet this Service’s content for profit or any other purpose, nor show this Service’s content in public.

Without the proper consent (licensing and/or sublicensing), one is not permitted to: – sell, rent, or sublet content on this Service; – republish material from this Service; – copy, reproduce, duplicate, modify, or recreate content from this Service (unless the content is expressly made available for these purposes); redistributing content from this Service (unless the content is expressly made available for this specific purpose). If the site’s content is already covered by an exclusive License, it cannot be passed on to a specific petitioner seeking a License or Sublicense. The administrators of the Service make no guarantee that Consent (hereafter: License) will be granted to every person, group, and/or another third party who has made a formal request for Licensing. It is possible to submit a request for licensing this site’s material via e-mail or postal mail. Individual requests and licenses will be granted in either writing or electronic form. It should be noted that any unilateral transfer of copyright and/or other intellectual property rights is void. If Depthcrypto acquires the material of this Service through a special License that requires the Author’s approval or attribution, the possible Sublicense would be provided in writing or electronically upon meeting the precise Sublicensing conditions. These standards will be agreed upon by all parties, and all parties will affirm their willingness to continue licensing licensed content It should be noted that any unilateral transfer of copyright and/or intellectual property rights is void. Any violation of content and intellectual property law restrictions sanctioned by UK applicable law does not preclude Depthcrypto from dealing with the situation as it sees suitable. It should be noted that legal action against the individual or organization responsible for such a violation is not ruled out.

If you have any concerns about possible misuse, please report it in accordance with the rules in our Privacy Policy. Concerns about abuse can be reported via e-mail or by filling out a special form provided by this Service.

Disclaimer on Content created by Users

Depthcrypto makes every effort to create a platform free of inappropriate, obscene, or profound user submissions. Depthcrypto accepts no responsibility for the acts of Users on our Platform but reserves the right to delete any such submission in the event of an independent investigation, inquiry on demand, or report by other users.

Disclaimer on possible variations of products

Depthcrypto cannot guarantee the precision and empirical validity of the descriptions offered by the Website (for example, clothing sizes, and measurements according to official sizing or measuring charts), because these parameters are submitted by Users. Depthcrypto cannot, and finds it unreasonable as a merchant, to assure the precision of the exhibited color or texture on the images showcasing the products that may be sold within its service due to various personal and/or performance settings of mobile or static computer displays. Depthcrypto accepts no responsibility for wrong color or texture selection due to the performance or personal settings of Users’ screens, but the Service may, at its absolute option, erase any conceivable error made when displaying the product’s accuracy through empirical measures. Depthcrypto, as a prospective social provider of products transaction, accepts no duty if labels depict a different measurement according to a certain measuring chart.

Disclaimer on General Services

The Service is designed as a complicated software that handles data processing and is based on data that you have provided. Please keep in mind that no outputs of such an operation can be accurate if all variables are not properly imputed. The Service expressly disclaims all liability arising from the services’ outputs, albeit that some parts may have been overlooked. In no situation does the Service’s output provide an expert opinion on a given topic. The Service also provides forecasts and analytics that are based on our unique software processes. Please keep in mind that these analytics and forecast outputs are for your own use only and may be used as a reference or a starting point for your educated opinion on a particular subject. The service removes itself from and disclaims all liability associated with the use of this software as a foundation for any personal or business decision without first consulting an expert.

Disclaimer on Additional Services

In the future, Depthcrypto may offer Newsletters, Add-ons, Subscriptions, and functionality enhancements to its Service. For the purposes of this subsection, the aforementioned shall be considered a one-time, limited, and non-transferable licensed feature designed to enhance the functionality of the Website. We cannot and will not be held liable for any change, modification, or discontinuation of the aforementioned elements, as it is entirely within our discretion and legitimate right to pick which of the aforementioned shall survive.

Disclaimer on Pricing

Pricing aspects of capability extensions, products, services, add-ons, or in-app purchases shall be expressed in a specified exchange rate for the purposes of this document. Please keep in mind that before submitting a payment, you will be directed to a specific area of our Service where a breakdown of the final price, as well as other delivery options (with potentially different pricing), will be provided. All previous deals will be superseded by the pricing breakdown presented during the checkout process. All other Terms shall remain unaltered unless specifically revised in the checkout. Please keep in mind that your payment must be made in a comparable currency at the time of submission, based on the fixed exchange rate of your local bank or money transfer supplied between a different currency and the respective payment currency. It should also be noted that the pricing of things may alter throughout jurisdictions due to variances in taxation or other regulations affecting the final price of the product. Depthcrypto has no control over any leftover taxes or fees placed on Users by their individual money transfer service providers, and Depthcrypto cannot be held liable for any of the aforementioned.

Furthermore, any dealings between you and other Users outside the Scope of Services (meaning outside the Website itself) of Depthcrypto are solely your responsibility, based on your mutual agreement. If such a transaction is handled between two users using Depthcrypto’s communication protocols and transactional protocols outside the Service, the transaction and continued execution of the prospective agreement between the two Users is solely their responsibility.

The execution of any contract between two Users, whether solemnized via Depthcrypto or outside its scope of Services, is the sole responsibility of the Users, as the Service does not handle financial transactions, does not have potential products to be sold in stock, and does not act as a transport provider for Users.

Disclaimer on Analytics and Targeted Advertisements

You hereby acknowledge and agree that our Services must be self-sufficient in order for Depthcrypto to function. The Service contains third-party analytics and advertising Services, which may provide us with feedback on our User base’s response to specific portions of the website, traffic, and demographics. This is done in a way that makes this information fully anonymous so that no User can be individually recognized based on the information gathered. Advertisement placement services (for example, Google AdSense) give tailored advertisements that may be of interest to you as part of a larger population. Certain businesses and services, such as Depthcrypto, use Google AdSense to promote themselves on third-party websites. We cannot be held liable for any third-conduct party’s or practice that is advertised on our Website; we do not endorse or favor these third-party Websites, Applications, Services, and/or Products; and we disassociate ourselves from any statement made in the placed advertisement. We are not responsible for any links that may direct you to another website. It is suggested that you read the Terms and Conditions of the Website(s) linked in the advertisement before using them.

Disclaimer on information transfers

Depthcrypto takes information security very seriously. If the Service is partially or completely acquired, some of your personal information may be among the assets transferred. These assets will be managed with the same level of security and privacy protection that Depthcrypto now provides. You are hereby notified that certain communication and user contribution options make your input to our Service public to the entire world. You also agree that any input is not endorsed or favored on our behalf. We expressly disclaim any remark or opinion expressed in the public forum or other public contribution sections, including your own user profile. Please keep in mind that any submission may be removed at our discretion if it violates the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Intellectual Property Law Standards, or this Disclaimer.

Disclaimer on Security breaches and Fair information practices

Depthcrypto will be held accountable in the sole instance when it violated norms of ethics and etiquette, as well as fair information practices by failing to detect a security flaw in the Service. Depthcrypto will alert you by email of any potential security breach. If such a security breach exists, the Service will examine the situation and remove the security danger as soon as it is discovered.

Limitation of Liability

Your continuing use of our Services implies your agreement to and understanding of the foregoing limitations of liability in any of the aforementioned instances. In the event that Users seek recourse under any of the Disclaimers listed above, the Service will not react.

Interpretation guidelines

Users agree that there is no weaker party in this contract because both parties have the option to discontinue using or delivering the Service at any time.

Consumer Protection and Privacy Statement

Unless otherwise mentioned in this agreement, the information you supply while using Depthcrypto will only be used to contact you about the Scope of Service that the Company provides or for eventual billing. Nothing in terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, or other linked papers to which you express your assent (expressly or implicitly) is intended to infringe consumer rights, so long as the Terms set forth in these documents are not unilaterally breached by Users.