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By viewing and using Depthcrypto’s Website and/or Software, You agree to be bound by all provisions, including the stated terms and restrictive covenants of these General Terms of Service and Depthcrypto’s other legal documents and/or notify contain, and thus consider them reasonable. If you do not agree with these terms, please discontinue using this Website and/or Services. It is also necessary to delete your User Account or Profile information. Unless you do, you WARRANT that you comply with these Terms of Service and any other provisions to which you have been properly advised via Our Website.

Furthermore, you hereby INDEMNIFY Depthcrypto, its owner Company, Subsidiaries, Offices, Partners, Employees, Management or Administrative Team, other Representatives, and all future individuals or legal persons involved with Depthcrypto for any losses that may result from the Website, Software, Content, and Services. Depthcrypto, as a private organization, does not tolerate intolerant behavior and does not encourage criminal activities.

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Depthcrypto will never directly sell you Bitcoin, any other cryptocurrency, or any commodity or service. We will never ask for your private keys or any kind of upfront payment for a product or service that is not explicitly represented on our website.

Depthcrypto maintains the right, with or without warning, to amend this policy at any moment.

  1. Introduction

These terms, as well as Depthcrypto’s Privacy Policy, govern your use of this Website. You hereby find the Terms of Service acceptable and fully accept them by using Depthcrypto’s Website, Content, Software, and/or Services. If you do not agree with the Terms of Service or think them to be unreasonable, please discontinue usage of Depthcrypto’s Website, Content, Software, and/or Services.

  1. Usage Guidelines. Copyright notice.

You agree to use our Website, Content, and Services reasonably. You undertake to refrain from doing any activities that can or may cause damage to Depthcrypto’s Website, Software, Content, and/or Services. You and anyone else you permit to use Your Account may not engage in any activity that degrades the general quality of the Website and the Services it provides. You and other users allowed to use your respective User Account will also refrain from engaging in any action that may cause annoyance or hinder other Users from utilizing the offered Content and Services. Furthermore, under the penalty of civil and penal provisions of the applicable law, any person shall refrain from any actions that are recognized by law as unlawful, illegal, fraudulent, or harmful to Depthcrypto’ Website, Software, Services, or Functionality, and shall not promote this type of illegal activity in any way. Depthcrypto’s Website, Content, and/or Services are not to be used for the distribution of Spyware, Trojan Horses, Root Kits, Keystroke Loggers, or any other type of Malware while using Depthcrypto, its Software and/or Services under the penalty of the applicable civil and/or penal provisions in the United States. Under the penalty of privacy protection statutes under Governing law, You and individuals Authorized to use Your User Account shall also refrain from any systematic or automated information and data collection activities, including data harvesting, limitation scrapping, data mining, and other similar activities, without the consent of the Website’s administrators. Any data-collecting consent granted by the Website’s administrators will be entirely consistent with US governing legislation and this Website’s set of legal papers. If such permission is possible to grant due to statutory provisions by Governing legislation, such eventual consent will be issued in paper form upon prior request and, as such, will be subject to additional notification of the Website’s visitors, customers, and/or Users Depthcrypto gives any permission regarding data collection is null and void in the absence of the required form and prior notice of Users. Without the permission of the Website administrators, this Website may not be utilized for marketing purposes. The Privacy Policy and US law will give such consent in the right format. It is prohibited to transfer, sublet, or otherwise dispose of one’s respective rights and obligations. You shall also refrain from engaging in unacceptable behavior, such as: – harassing, threatening, or intimidating another User, – transmitting any unlawful, threatening, abusive, offensive, defamatory, or hateful text or voice communication or images and/or other material, any ethnically or racially objectionable material, or any material infringing intellectual property, privacy, and/or publicity rights of any third party, – p Depthcrypto reserves the right to – Restrict access to specific portions of this Website, which are not intended to be available to visitors, consumers, and/or Users; – Further disable access to certain areas of this Website at the complete discretion of the Website’s administrators, without prior notice or explanation; – Restrict access to other areas of this Website in the event of a violation of these provisions. These restrictions are entirely at the discretion of Depthcrypto and may be imposed without justification or notice; – Enable access to certain portions of the Website by giving You a User ID and Password that are only for Your PERSONAL use. It is recommended that these credentials be kept private in case third parties misuse them.

  1. Anti-solicitation provisions

One shall refrain from soliciting, causing, or assisting any employee, officer, director, agent, administrator, commissioner, consultant, or helper in terminating, suspending, or discontinuing employment, consultancy, and/or any other relationship this person has with Depthcrypto; or from becoming employed by, or working for any other person, group, or entity other than Depthcrypto. Furthermore, no one shall solicit or cause an existing or potential Customer to discontinue using Depthcrypto and the offered Products and Services, nor shall anyone solicit or cause a future Customer to utilize other Products or Services competing with Depthcrypto’s Products and Services. Any individual, group, or entity may NOT aid, abet, or authorize any of the aforementioned actions. Furthermore, one will refrain from making slanderous, derogatory, or defamatory statements about Depthcrypto or any of its Representatives that may harm the reputation, image, or goodwill of Depthcrypto or its Representatives.

  • Account provisions

Basic Account Requirements

You must be at least eighteen (18) years old to access and utilize Depthcrypto. By using Depthcrypto, you represent and warrant that you are at least eighteen (18) years old. Depthcrypto use is prohibited for anyone under thirteen (13) years old. Please do not save your account credentials, such as your username and password, if a kid under the age of thirteen (13) is using your computer and/or mobile device. This disables the child’s access to Depthcrypto’s content and services. You agree to accept any liabilities stemming from your account’s use. Depthcrypto is not responsible for the inappropriate activity of its registered or unregistered users. Furthermore, it is not responsible for any permitted or illegal use of your account by any third party (person or group), including minors under your supervision. Minors under the age of thirteen (13) who have made accounts and/or are utilizing Depthcrypto content and services may have their accounts suspended with or without prior warning. Please remember that Depthcrypto does not rule out any alternative actions, including taking civil and/or criminal actions before the proper authorities. You must not give user information infringing on anyone’s copyright, trademark, or another exclusive right (s) to a name or pseudonym. Depthcrypto considers this type of behavior to be insulting and wrong in every manner. Depthcrypto, as a result, reserves the right to warn, suspend, and/or remove any profile engaging in such behavior, with or without prior notice or warning. Depthcrypto, as a genuine service and content provider, does not promote hate speech, intolerance, racism, sexism, or other forms of intolerant and/or criminal behavior. Depthcrypto retains the right to suspend or delete any accounts used by any individuals participating in the aforementioned behavior if it comes to Depthcrypto’s awareness that any of the aforementioned behavior is being promoted. You also declare your agreement to:

  • Fill out the registration forms with truthful, complete, and accurate information about yourself (if applicable)
  • preserve the personal information supplied to Depthcrypto to ensure its completeness, truthfulness, and correctness; and
  • Notify Depthcrypto of any security breach involving your account.
  1. Account Registration

Visitors to our Website may or may not have a registered account. Please keep in mind that several features of Depthcrypto’s operation will be restricted without a registered account. Some personal information may be requested from you during registration. Please visit the “Purchasing on Depthcrypto” section for more information. Your contact information (including, but not limited to, name, e-mail address, shipping address, country/state, and telephone number) and billing information may be requested (such as, without limitation: the billing credentials as per your preferred way of purchasing goods from Depthcrypto). Some logins and authorizations for Services may be automated or suggested to third-party Websites or Services. The User consents to these automated logins or authorizations of third-party Services without additional action on the User’s part, provided that the User is alerted and consents to these automated authorizations. Further information about account usage can be found in our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and other legally enforceable documents.

  1. Creating an account through third-party Services

Our Service may be linked to third-party applications. If you register an account, log in, or otherwise access this Service through third-party permitted Services, you undertake to fully comply with the Terms and Conditions of the appropriate third-party service. The Service is not liable if your access to our Service is hindered or blocked in any way due to avoiding, circumventing, or violating the applicable Terms and Conditions of a third party. Information given on third-party platforms, such as app stores or other permitted locations to acquire service-related software or software extras, must be regulated by a distinct set of contractual terms under the platform’s policies/policies.

  1. Analytics

The Service may use the information in small data pieces to develop anonymous analytics and advertisement placements. This information is gathered from users’ internet and website behavior. They are used to collect feedback on the most relevant and frequently visited sections of our Service and to show tailored adverts in which you may be interested. Depthcrypto guarantees that the personal information you willingly supply for us is not related to your identity in any manner.

  1. Submissions on Depthcrypto

For this section, “User Submissions” or simply “Submissions” refer to all forms of mutual communications between users or between users and the administrators of this Website, including but not limited to: comments, ratings, or other communications such as text, videos, pictures, or other multimedia files on this Website. User Submissions are categories of content added by (all types of) users, as opposed to Depthcrypto-created and shown content. All content published to this Service will be treated as a User Submission. Depthcrypto maintains the right, but not the responsibility, to initiate investigations into potential violations of these Terms of Service.

Depthcrypto does not sponsor, favor, or otherwise approve any User Submission that Registered Users voluntarily upload. Violations of the Terms governing the upload of Content may result in the removal of the Submission, with or without prior notice. Repeated violations of the Content Terms may result in a temporary or permanent suspension from accessing certain features of our Service. You maintain all proprietary rights after sharing your User submission. You hereby grant Depthcrypto a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, transferrable license to use, reproduce, perform, modify, display, and otherwise alter the User Submission. You offer permanent and irrevocable licenses in User Comments. The licenses do not apply to User submissions that have been removed or have been deleted by the Users. Please keep in mind that this agreement only allows Depthcrypto to feature or display certain of your user submissions on its website worldwide. Outside the bounds of fair use, user submissions of General users allowed to upload user comments in various forms (text or multimedia) are not to infringe any copyright, intellectual property right, or other proprietary rights of any third party. If a user submission (for example, a user comment) is used for marketing purposes on behalf of Depthcrypto, the user’s name or nickname will be added as a form of accreditation.

  1. Purchases and Refunds

Certain personal information is required to purchase a Product or Service from Depthcrypto. Expect to supply contact information (name, e-mail, and address) and financial information (credit card credentials). This information will only be used for billing purposes or to contact you about submitted orders. Depthcrypto bills you for purchased Services via third-party credit card processing businesses. Please keep in mind that the specifications and prices displayed at the time of purchase will take precedence over any other offers made on the Service’s website these companies DO NOT keep, disclose, save, or use personal information for any purpose other than billing. Please remember that no refunds are given for digital products (subscriptions, paid services, or software support packages). Please keep in mind that no refunds are permitted unless clearly stated differently. The refund terms are those specified on the course’s landing page. Any complaints or requests regarding the items’ quality and/or functionality should be directed to our Service’s Customer Support. Purchasing a course or membership will immediately generate a basic account if the user has not previously registered an account or is not logged in. By purchasing a course or subscription, you agree to the basic account conditions outlined in article four of this service agreement.

Depthcrypto will issue a full refund for Courses purchased as part of a bundle in restricted cases when the user has viewed less than 50% of the content in the bundle, and such a refund request happens within 7 days of the purchase date. The user must contact Depthcrypto at [email protected] to receive a refund. Contacting Depthcrypto via any other contact page, email, or phone number will not be considered notice to Depthcrypto of such a request.

  1. Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links are offers and/or packages from popular sponsorships and/or financing programs that have been extended to our Service. We may receive a small commission on any sales made through the affiliate program and/or platform. Depending on the financing obtained from the third party sponsoring the link, some Links may contain product and/or service placements. For our Service to provide complete transparency to end users, we will mark these offers, placements, or advertising in a way that is acceptable and noticeable to the end user and employ an affiliate programmed to fund our platform to keep the costs of our Service as low and as reasonable to the consumer as feasible. The Service does not warrant or guarantee the form, quality, or quantity of the product displayed in any way, either directly or indirectly. The Service may openly support these products and/or services in any way that our marketing team deems suitable. No affiliate funding program or platform may impair the objectivity of the Service’s information or content. The affiliate products will not be more expensive than if purchased from the original affiliate business. The Service may negotiate reduced prices for consumers brought in through affiliate links. Section 3 of these Terms of Service is intended to safeguard customers and avoid consumer confusion. All types of users who do not fall within the scope of the consumer definition as defined by national, federal, or international standards are exempt from the disclaimer indicated in Section 1 subsection 1.

  1. Breach of terms accounts termination and inquiries. 

Depthcrypto has the right to cancel a User’s access to its Website or Software if they are discovered to be repeat infringers under proper conditions. Depthcrypto also maintains the right to determine whether User Submissions of any kind are appropriate and comply with these terms. Depthcrypto reserves the right, but not the responsibility, to conduct personal inquiries of potential misuse and/or misbehavior regarding any Users’ activities based on filed reports or complaints. Any investigation or inquiry shall be conducted at Depthcrypto’s sole discretion and will involve any procedures that Depthcrypto deems appropriate. It should be noted that these measures may entail revealing User behavior to one or more entrusted parties. Any wrongdoing and/or infraction of the aforementioned usage restrictions will be dealt with as Depthcrypto sees fit in its sole discretion, as sanctioned by U.S. Governing law.

  1. Discretional Rights

Methods of preventing further damage or nuisance to other Users may include: – Suspension or termination of Your User Account with or without prior notification; – Temporary or permanent bans from Our Websites with or without prior notification; other methods Depthcrypto’s staff/administrators deem appropriate. Furthermore, in dealing with specific violations of these articles, Depthcrypto expressly prohibits pursuing civil and/or criminal legal action against an individual or group that has participated in this type of behavior. Please keep in mind that Depthcrypto may disclose Your personal information in the NECESSARY range under US Governing Law in connection with any current or future legal proceedings to establish or defend its respective rights or if Depthcrypto is required to comply with the demands (namely formal requests) of appropriate State authorities.

  1. Disclaimer on information received by Depthcrypto

The Service is an online platform that provides information services based on circumstances that are easily changing owing to the nature of the issue. All information received from the Service is based on factual facts at the time of receipt and hence cannot be considered advice in the technology field. The Service may collect information, produce syllabuses, and recruit specialists, but it does not provide professional advice to any individual or group that uses the Service.  As a result, the Service disclaims any duty to use the information and/or knowledge obtained through the Service and insists that this information be used with due diligence and additional factual checking before making any financial decisions. The Service disclaims any obligation for potential losses resulting from using the Service’s information.

  1. Security and Privacy

Depthcrypto is concerned about security. As a result, industry-standard encryption technology is used to safeguard your personal information. Depthcrypto adheres to industry standards regarding submitting, transmitting, and accepting personal information. Individually identifiable information is stored in a secure environment. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our security protocols. No approach is completely safe today, but we are constantly working to provide a secure environment for our Users. As a Service governed by ethics and etiquette, we owe it to you to tell you via e-mail as soon as we become aware of a data breach in our Service. You have the right to seek remedy if we fail to notify you of a security breach that was within our knowledge.

  1. Depthcrypto Software License Agreement

This software license, terms of service, and all rights and duties constitute a single, legally binding agreement between Depthcrypto and you. These terms of service and auxiliary and supplemental documents constitute the complete and exclusive statement of the provisions governing the usage and privacy notifications of Depthcrypto’s software, documentation, and auxiliary materials, which comprise a complete and functional service. You express your intention to utilize the foregoing. By expressly expressing consent in any form, including, but not limited to, written or oral statements, use of this website, or any other conclusive means conceivable. You hereby comply and agree to be bound by this set of legal documents. By using Depthcrypto’s software, websites, products, or services, you agree to the terms of service and additional agreements and agree that all provisions are acceptable. If you are not in compliance with this set of documents, or if you do not think these terms are acceptable, please discontinue your use of Depthcrypto’s software, website, and/or services the profile information must be deleted. Unless and until you perform the aforementioned, you warrant decisively that you comply with the aforementioned documents and their specific terms.

  1. Express Licensing Grant

Depthcrypto hereby offers you a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the content and services on this Website. This license is just for personal use and is subject to any Terms or Contract Depthcrypto may have with you. The applicable Licensing Terms may be displayed in an easily accessible location or be available to you.

  1. Other contract provisions

Depthcrypto’s website, material, and services are all given “as is.” Depthcrypto does not give any express or implied promises, representations, guarantees, or conditions on its own. Depthcrypto, its employees, offices, agents, or other representatives are also not liable for any: direct, indirect, special, or consequential loss; business or private losses, including income, savings, or profit loss, loss of contract, loss of goodwill or representations loss, warranty loss, data corruption, or personal loss, to the fullest extent permitted by law. The foregoing limitations are void only if Depthcrypto has knowingly waived its limitation of liability in a specific Set of Terms and/or Contract. Limitations apply if Depthcrypto was made aware of the probable loss. Depthcrypto accepts no responsibility for the inappropriate actions of visitors and/or third parties. Furthermore, Depthcrypto accepts no responsibility for the publication of any content that is not intended to represent and/or provide any type of professional advice. Depthcrypto is also not liable in any way, to any extent, in the unlikely event of catastrophic host and/or server failure, breach, or any other Vis major, which is beyond Depthcrypto’s control. This disclaimer cannot and will not exclude any warranty or responsibility implied by US law and will not exclude or limit any warranty or liability that is illegal or unlawful to restrict or exclude by US law. You hereby acknowledge that you have read and understood this liability limitation statement in its entirety.

  1. Jurisdiction

If any part of these Terms of Service is or is deemed unenforceable under U.K. Governing law, the enforceability of the remaining elements of these Terms of Service will not be affected. These Terms have been written by UK legislation and international standards. The Parties agree to settle all disputes or disagreements, including those arising from job termination, outside of court. Statutes restricting the rights and responsibilities deriving from this Agreement are avoided through alternative dispute settlement. If these alternative dispute resolution processes fail, they will file a lawsuit. If an appropriate authority finds any provision of this Agreement unenforceable under controlling law, it will not impact the enforceability of any other elements of this Agreement. All aspects of this Agreement that this Agreement or the Privacy Policy does not address will be governed by statutory provisions.

The parties covenant and agree that the applicable and usable law under which this agreement shall be regulated is the law of the United Kingdom… As a result of the foregoing, all disputes or litigation resulting from the substance of this contract or its execution shall be governed by UK law.

  1. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify and hold Simply Depthcrypto Ltd., its owner Company, Representatives, and Partners harmless from and against any loss, cost, damage, or expense, including but not limited to: attorney’s fees and court costs, arising directly or indirectly from Your use of the’ Website, software, or services, and/or Your breach of any representation, warranty, or restriction contained in this agreement.

The Service will not accept any class action claims or actions from any User and will treat all disputes individually. The User agrees to these terms and conditions. If any action or claim is taken against the service, the total claim amount will not exceed 100 U.K. Pounds, excluding attorney’s expenses.

  1. Interpretation guidelines

This agreement is not intended to benefit a weaker party because there is no such party under this contract. We believe that this agreement, even if it is the main framework for the functioning of this Service, is a collection of the basic rules and guidelines that all Services of this type abide by because both the Service and the Users have high bargaining powers in stipulating a contract with each other, as well as several dozens of options for customizing the user experience.

The Service will not accept any class action or claim relating to its work on the Website and will handle each action or claim individually. The User has agreed that if any action or claim is taken against the service, it will not exceed the expenses incurred or £100, whichever is larger, excluding attorney’s fees. No aspect of this agreement is intended to absolve individuals from liability for fraud or misrepresentation.

  1. Continuity

Suppose Simply Depthcrypto Ltd. goes through a business transition (merger, acquisition, or sale of assets, for example). In that case, your personal information and content uploaded by you will most likely be among the assets transferred, depending on the title of transfer under which the information and content are owned or used by the. Any change in ownership of your personal information will be communicated via e-mail. The Service accepts no responsibility for any server or other Vis Major failures that occur outside the reasonable extent of the Service’s control and result in temporary unavailability.

Depthcrypto retains the right to cease any component of the entire service with or without prior warning. Depthcrypto will not be held liable for such a halt. Any concluded sales will be executed on behalf of Depthcrypto and will survive the termination of these Terms of Service.

The release of a newer version supersedes every previous version of these papers. If our General Terms of Service or Privacy Policy change, we will notify you by this Web page, e-mail, or a notice on our Home Page.

These Terms and any auxiliary agreements you have agreed to, including conclusive forms of acceptance, are to be regarded as a single, legally binding contract between you and Depthcrypto.

  1. Ascent and end provisions

These Terms of Service reflect Depthcrypto’s policy on your use of this Website. They also intend to inform LCP Service Users about the potential consequences of violating these Terms when using this Website, Software, and/or Services. If you have questions, please contact us via e-mail, postal mail, telephone, or our Online Support Service.

Unless otherwise mentioned in this agreement, the information you supply while using Depthcrypto will only be used to contact you about the Scope of Service that the Company provides or for eventual billing. Nothing in terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, or other linked papers to which you express your assent (expressly or implicitly) is intended to infringe consumer rights, so long as the Terms outlined in these documents are not unilaterally breached by Users.

This article makes use of headings organized numerically and contextually. Please keep in mind that these titles are merely for convenience, and the names do not have to have any legal significance.

By using this Website regularly, you are conclusively entering into this agreement. If you think any of these conditions to be unreasonable, please discontinue the use of this Website.

23. Use of Cookies

Cookies are used on our website to recognize you from other users. This enables us to offer a positive browsing experience while also allowing us to improve our website. By continuing to use the site, you consent to the use of cookies.

24. Beware of fraudulent solicitation

Depthcrypto will never solicit you to buy Bitcoin or any other good or service that is not publicly represented on our website directly (without an intermediary). If you get any solicitation from someone claiming to be a member of Depthcrypto, we will not be held liable for any loss that occurs as a result of such an incident.

25. Changes to the Terms of Services

We retain the right, at any time and without notice, to modify these terms of service (as well as any other legal material or page of the website).