In these documents, references to Depthcrypto, “We,” or “Us” refer to Simply Depthcrypto Ltd, or (if different) an owner Company or another Parent or Daughter Company performing the relevant Sale, and/or any successors and assigns thereto. The terms “You,” “Your,” and “User” refer to the person, group, or other entity that is using Depthcrypto.

By viewing and using Depthcrypto’s Website and/or Software, You agree to all provisions, including the stated terms and restrictive covenants of these General Terms of Service and Depthcrypto’s other legal papers and/or notifications, and deem them reasonable. If you do not agree with these terms, please discontinue using this Website and/or Services. It is also necessary to delete your User Account or Profile information. Unless you do, you WARRANT that you comply with these Terms of Service and any other provisions to which you have been properly advised via Our Website. Furthermore, you hereby INDEMNIFY Depthcrypto, its owner Company, Subsidiaries, Offices, Partners, Employees, Management or Administrative Team, other Representatives, and all future individuals or legal persons involved with Depthcrypto for any losses that may result from the Website, Software, Content, and Services. Depthcrypto, as a private organization, does not tolerate intolerant behavior and does not encourage criminal activities.

1.1. Express Licensing Grant

Depthcrypto hereby offers you a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the content and services on this Website to the extent permitted by this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service. This license is just for personal use and is subject to any Terms, or Contract Depthcrypto may have with you. The applicable Licensing Terms may be displayed in an easily accessible location or be available to you.

1.2. Copyright Notice. Inquiries for copyright infringement. Actions taken against individuals infringing copyright or another proprietary right.

Unless otherwise mentioned and/or attributed, the content on this website is mostly original. The site’s Content is developed, gathered, edited, and/or published about the Authors (Licensors) by all applicable UK laws and international intellectual property law standards. Depthcrypto, in collaboration with the Authors (Licensors), owns and controls all copyright and/or other intellectual property rights to the entire Website’s Content. All copyright and/or other intellectual property rights in the full Content of this Website (including, but not limited to, sections of this Website that are or are not available to the general public, registered Users, persons with authorized access to specific sections of the Website, and so on) are reserved. Unilateral remarks voiding a partial or whole reservation of copyright and/or other intellectual property rights are nullified. All future licensing and/or transfers of copyright and/or other intellectual property rights relating to the design, Content, and/or functionality of this Website can only be transferred through a binding agreement between Depthcrypto, requiring express consent to the transfer of these rights to third parties upon their prior request, which is made available to visitors to this Website. Depthcrypto DOES NOT WARRANT that Licenses will be provided to any individual, group, or third party without a prior written request. Depthcrypto MAKES NO WARRANTY THAT LICENSES WILL BE ISSUED TO ANY PERSON, GROUP, OR THIRD PARTY. It should be noted that any unilateral transfer of copyright and/or other intellectual property rights is void. Any violation of Content and intellectual property law restrictions sanctioned by U.K. applicable legislation does not preclude Depthcrypto from dealing with the situation as it sees suitable. It should be noted that legal action against the individual or organization responsible for such a violation is not ruled out.

1.3. Law Enforcement. Inquiries of potential Abuse

Depthcrypto may share your personal information as required by law in connection with any existing or future legal proceedings to establish or defend its respective legal rights. Depthcrypto may also release your personal information to State authorities in the scope and manner prescribed by relevant legislation. Depthcrypto WILL NOT release more information than the minimal range prescribed by controlling law in the case of disclosure. Depthcrypto reserves the right, but not the responsibility, to conduct personal inquiries of potential misuse and/or misbehavior regarding any Users’ activities based on filed reports or complaints. Any investigation or inquiry shall be conducted at Depthcrypto’s sole discretion and will involve any procedures that Depthcrypto deems appropriate. It should be noted that these measures may entail revealing User behavior to one or more entrusted parties.


Depthcrypto values its consumers’ privacy. Depthcrypto will NOT process personal information in any other way than that prescribed by applicable UK law and the manner as stipulated in this Privacy policy. Any information you supply, whether for subscription, registration, transaction or other purposes, is assumed to be given voluntarily and will be used solely for the purposes stated. Depthcrypto may collect and use the following personal information by the provisions of this Privacy policy: – Information about your use of this Website; – Information you provide to register with the Website; – Information you provide to subscribe to Newsletters and other Website services (including your: e-mail address or other profile credentials); -Information you provide exclusively to purchase Products, merchandise, or services via this Website. Depthcrypto may use your personal information to: administer the Website; publish your information on the Website; and for other purposes. – Personalize your Website experience and/or enable access to certain sections of the Website (including, but not limited to: purchased or exclusive Website services); – Send you your purchased Products and/or merchandise, statements and/or invoices, special offers, newsletters and/or other marketing communications, etc., or collect payments from you.

2.1. Advertisement and Cookie Policy

Certain data is collected and saved in log files. This data comprises the IP address, browser type, ISP, operating system, date and time stamp, and clickstream data. This information neither identifies nor distinguishes individual Users. This information is used to administer the site and monitor Users’ movements within the Website. Cookies are little pieces of data that are saved locally on the browsers of users. Session ID cookies are used to keep Users’ subscriptions and account active. Users cannot be uniquely identified using information contained in cookies. Session Cookies are used to optimize site navigation. Session cookies are deleted when you close your browser. Depthcrypto’s website may contain adverts in a variety of formats. Please keep in mind that Depthcrypto has no control over the advertisement content policies of its Partner Websites, Software, or Services. Depthcrypto reserves the right to accumulate anonymous statistics about its Users using cookies and other monitoring technologies. Depthcrypto does not believe that this monitoring will reveal your identity. You may modify your cookie options at any time. Clear gifs are little graphic files that are inserted into a Website to track Users’ online movements. Clear Gifs, unlike Cookies, are not saved on your computer. Depthcrypto does not associate online movement or Website usage statistics with personally identifiable information. Google AdSense is a third-party advertising business that provides you with unique tailored advertisements based on your choices, behavior, and Internet searches. We utilize Google Analytics as a third-party statistic supplier, which collects information based on User behavior on Our Website. The information gathered by both Services is not personal information such as your name, personal or e-mail address, or phone number, but rather information about your internet browsing and behavior on Our Website.

2.2. Communications from the Website

Depthcrypto may send you information about products, services, special deals, promotions, or newsletters to which you have subscribed on occasion. By opting out, you can choose not to receive these types of communications. Depthcrypto reserves the right to send you service-related announcements on rare occasions. These communications are not promotional, and if you do not want to receive them, you can deactivate your account. Please keep in mind that some of our promotional e-mails may contain information about the Service’s commercial partners. Some of these business partners may be subject to affiliate disclosure, as specified in Section 3.2 of our Terms of Service. Please remember that Depthcrypto may also contact you and offer you information via e-mail using third-party delivery services. Other than for the specified purpose, these systems do NOT retain, save, use, or distribute your personal information.

2.3. Information collection and range of use

Any forms you fill out will alert you of the extent to which specific personal information details may be published. Remember that sensitive information should not be published on the Internet. You hereby consent to the sharing of your information across borders. Any personal information required for registration and/or identification while entering into a contract (acquiring) a specific service or subscription supplied by Depthcrypto via this Website will be used solely for registration, identification, and/or possible delivery.

2.4. Use of information

Depthcrypto collects personal information solely to customize Your User experience, which may include personalized Services, communications, and other Services provided by Depthcrypto. Personal data may also be used to send targeted adverts. Advertisers, on the other hand, have no access to your personal information. Advertising is done through banner advertising or promotional e-mails. Promotional e-mails and marketing communications can be manually configured to your specifications.

2.5. The CANSPAM Act

The CAN-SPAM Act is a law that specifies regulations for commercial messages, offers receivers the ability to have emails stopped from being sent to them, and imposes harsh penalties for violators. We collect your e-mail address solely to: – Send information, respond to inquiries, and/or other requests or questions; – Process orders and send information and updates about orders; – Send you additional information about your product and/or service; – Market to our mailing list or continue to send emails to our clients after the initial transaction has occurred. Please keep in mind that this section only applies to emails sent by Depthcrypto. Our App’s authorized third-party merchants have their e-mailing protocol. We adhere to every provision of the CANSPAM act, which includes: – delivering genuine and non-misleading subject lines or e-mails; – identifying the message as an advertisement in some fair way; – Include our company’s or site’s physical address; – Monitor third-party email marketing services for compliance, if utilized; – Respond immediately to opt-out/unsubscribe requests; – Allow users to unsubscribe by utilizing the link at the bottom of each email.

2.6. Opt-outs

Users can opt out of having their personal information used for certain reasons in certain elements of usage. As indicated in the introductory clauses, any further use of your personal information requires your approval. As a result, you have the option of refusing us access or not giving us this information. Second, you may update the range of personal information usage preferences manually (where permitted) or directly contact us through e-mail, post, or telephone number or by utilizing our Online Support service featured on our Website.


3.1. Submissions on Depthcrypto

For this section, “User Submissions” or simply “Submissions” refer to all forms of mutual communications between users or between users and the administrators of this Website, including but not limited to: comments, ratings, or other communications such as text, videos, pictures, or other multimedia files on this Website. User Submissions are categories of content added by (all types of) users, as opposed to Depthcrypto-created and shown content. All content published to this Service is primarily to be treated as a User Submission. Depthcrypto maintains the right, but not the responsibility, to initiate investigations into potential violations of these Terms of Service. Depthcrypto does not sponsor, favor, or otherwise approve any User Submission that Registered Users voluntarily upload. Violations of the Terms governing the upload of Content may result in the removal of the Submission, with or without prior notice. Repeated violations of the Content Terms may result in a temporary or permanent suspension from accessing certain features of our Service. You maintain all proprietary rights after sharing your User submission. You hereby grant Depthcrypto a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, transferrable license to use, reproduce, perform, modify, display, and otherwise alter the User Submission. You offer permanent and irrevocable licenses in User Comments. The licenses do not apply to User submissions that have been removed or have been deleted by the Users. Please keep in mind that this agreement only allows Depthcrypto to feature or display certain of your user submissions on its Website around the world. Outside the bounds of fair use, user submissions of General users allowed to upload user comments in various forms (text or multimedia) are not to infringe any copyright, intellectual property right, or other proprietary rights of any third party. If a user submission (for example, a user comment) is used for marketing purposes on behalf of Depthcrypto, the user’s name or nickname will be added as a form of accreditation. Nudity, profanity, or anything pornographic, obscene, or indecent must be avoided in photographs. Along with the aforementioned standards, you must also adhere to the following while submitting profile pictures: A Profile photo must clearly show the Submitter’s face or (if a Seller) logo or insignia, with no more text or contact details. Depthcrypto retains the right to review your image after Your Submission before permitting you to post it. Please keep in mind that once Pictures, Profile Pictures, and other Submissions (picture, text, video, listings, offers, samples, snippets, or other multimedia – hereinafter referred to as User Submissions) are shared, Depthcrypto cannot and does not guarantee the confidentiality of Your User Submission. You also warrant that Your User Submission is free of proprietary rights, including intellectual property rights. You maintain ownership of Your User Submission after sharing it.  You grant Depthcrypto a Universal, Worldwide, Non-exclusive, Royalty-free, Transferrable License to use, display, and reproduce your property rights in specified areas of this Depthcrypto Website for promotional or competitive purposes. This is a perpetual and irreversible license. You also promise not to submit any information that violates a third party’s intellectual property and/or other proprietary rights. Depthcrypto does not support any Submission or any opinion, recommendation, or advice stated in it. Depthcrypto EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL LIABILITY RELATED TO USER SUBMITTED CONTENT.


4.1. Security Measures. Disclaimer on Safety

Depthcrypto is concerned about security. As a result, industry-standard encryption technology is used to safeguard your personal information. Depthcrypto adheres to industry standards when it comes to the submission, transmission, and acceptance of personal information. So far, no method has been proven to be completely accurate, but we are committed to protecting the information you share with us in the best way possible. Our workers are all kept up to date on privacy procedures. Individually identifiable information is stored in a secure environment. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our security protocols. Depthcrypto does not guarantee that files accessible for download from its Site are free of malware, viruses, or other code with contaminating or destructive effects. You are responsible for creating enough procedures and checkpoints to meet your specific needs for the integrity, security, and accuracy of data input and output, as well as for maintaining an external mechanism for reconstructing any lost data.

4.2. Fair information practices

As a legal person obligated by ethics and etiquette, this service will notify any security breaches that may occur on this website if such a breach occurs and our Staff becomes aware of it. Users who have registered and any other parties who may be affected will be notified using the information provided on this Website. You hereby indemnify Depthcrypto from any Vis major that may occur to the service to the extent of the service’s professional security duties, provided that Depthcrypto discovers a breach within its reasonably expected scope of knowledge. Users may seek remedy from the Service if Depthcrypto fails to disclose such a breach knowingly and within a reasonable length of time after it occurs.

4.3. Third-Part Website Links and Other Related Services

This Website may display connections to third-party Websites or other Related Services within its operational region on occasion (website platform). Please keep in mind that access to these third-party sites is enabled by hyperlinks and that once you visit a third-party website that is not within Depthcrypto’s reasonable scope of control, you are no longer within Depthcrypto’s reasonable scope of control. You are subject to a separate set of Terms of Service, Privacy Policies, or other Related Policies that are exclusive to that third-party website or service. Users are recommended to exercise caution and due diligence while visiting third-party websites that are integrated or connected to our Website and are beyond our reasonable control. We disclaim all liability for any acts taken on third-party websites or services that are not controlled by our Website’s usage rules.


5.1. Jurisdiction

If an appropriate authority finds any term of this Policy unenforceable under UK law, it will not impact the enforcement of any other provisions of these Terms of Service. These Terms have been written by UK legislation and international standards. The Parties agree to settle all disputes or disagreements, including those arising from job termination, outside of court. Statutes restricting the rights and responsibilities deriving from this Agreement are avoided through alternative dispute settlement. If these alternative dispute resolution processes fail, they will file a lawsuit. If an appropriate authority finds any provision of this Agreement unenforceable under controlling law, it will not impact the enforceability of any other elements of this Agreement.

The parties covenant and agree that the applicable and usable law under which this agreement will be regulated is the law of the United Kingdom. As a result of the foregoing, all disputes or litigation resulting from the substance of this contract or its execution shall be governed by UK law.

5.2. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify and hold Depthcrypto, its owner Company, Representatives, and Partners harmless from and against any loss, cost, damage, or expense, including but not limited to attorney’s fees and court costs, arising directly or indirectly from Your use of the Depthcrypto’ Website, software, or services and/or Your breach of any representation, warranty, or restriction contained in this agreement.

5.3. Interpretation guidelines

This agreement will not benefit a weaker party because no party exists under this contract. We believe that this agreement, even if it is the main framework for the functioning of this Service, is a collection of the basic rules and guidelines that all Services of this type abide by because both the Service and the Users have high bargaining powers in stipulating a contract with each other, as well as several dozens of options for customizing the user experience.

The Service will not accept any class action or claim relating to its work on the Website and will handle each action or claim on an individual basis. The User has agreed that if any action or claim is taken against the service, it will not exceed the expenses incurred or £100, whichever is larger, excluding attorney’s fees. No aspect of this agreement is intended to absolve individuals from liability for fraud or misrepresentation.

5.4. Continuity

Suppose Depthcrypto goes through a business transition (merger, acquisition, or sale of assets, for example). In that case, your personal information and content uploaded by you will most likely be among the assets transferred, depending on the title of transfer under which the information and content are owned or used by the Service. Any such change in ownership of your personal information will be communicated to you via e-mail. The Service accepts no responsibility for any server or other Vis Major failures that occur outside the reasonable extent of the Service’s control and result in temporary unavailability of the Service.

Depthcrypto retains the right, with or without prior warning, to cease any component of the entire service. Depthcrypto will not be held liable for such a halt. Any completed sales will survive the termination of these Terms of Service and must be executed on behalf of Depthcrypto by the Return and Shipping policy.

Every previous version of these papers is superseded by the release of a newer version. If our General Terms of Service or Privacy Policy change, we will notify you by this Web page, e-mail, or a notice on our Home Page.

5.5. Ascent

These Terms, together with any auxiliary agreements you have agreed to, including conclusive forms of acceptance, are to be regarded as a single, legally binding contract between you and Depthcrypto.

5.6. Agreement

This Privacy Statement reflects Depthcrypto’s stance about your use and privacy practices on this Website. They are also intended to alert Depthcrypto’ Users of the potential consequences of violating these Terms when using this Website, Software, and/or Services. If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail, postal mail, telephone, or our Online Support Service.

5.7. Consumer protection Rights

No words in this document are intended to impede or otherwise obstruct consumer protection rights. If such a clause is required by applicable legislation, it will not affect the enforceability of the rest of this document.

5.8. Headings

This article makes use of headings organized numerically and contextually. Please keep in mind that these titles are merely for convenience, and the names do not have to have any legal significance.