Editorial Policy

Editorial integrity

Our mission is to bring you the most evidence-based, impartial source of nutrition information available. We practice this by ensuring we have a diverse team of researchers who fully read all relevant scientific papers completely and have no conflicts of interest. Our goal is to offer neither magical solutions nor pills to help you with your health. Instead, we offer a nuanced and context-appropriate analysis of all available evidence regarding any nutrition or supplement topic, which gives you the necessary information to make the best for you. We are ardently against any form of sensationalism or emotional manipulation in order to garner more traffic or sales. Finally, we are very clear that any and all medical issues should be brought to the attention of your attending physician; we are not an alternative to professional medical advice.

Integrity of DepthCrypto staff

We accept no advertising or content from outside sources on DepthCrypto. As such, all content found on our site is created by staff members of DepthCrypto. Furthermore, all staff at DepthCrypto are free from any conflicts of interest. Each member declares that they do not benefit directly or indirectly from any external source that may bias our analysis. The researchers have full independence to research and analyze scientific papers. Non-researcher employees do not weigh in on any of our published conclusions. All revisions of our supplement pages are available to the public so that they may see see how we update our pieces with the latest research.

Content creation process

All the information published on DepthCrypto goes through multiple levels of editing to ensure that the information presented is accurate, evidence-based, and unbiased. At a minimum, the typical process for any writing is as follows:
  1. Researcher and reviewer create outline to fully address the question/topic at hand
  2. Researcher writes the article
  3. Article is copyedited by a content editor
  4. Article is edited by editor
  5. Article is reviewed by reviewer
  6. Corrections and clarifications are incorporated at every level
  7. Article is published on the website
Almost any article on DepthCrypto will have undergone more than 10 hours of focused writing/editing/reviewing before being published. Most articles take dozens of hours, from conception to publication. Our supplement pages are regularly updated and thus are the summation of hundreds of hours of work.


We’ve added this as a tongue-in-cheek note – as we accept no external money nor external content, we have no need for an advertising policy. Therefore, we have nothing to clarify or declare in regards to advertising.


DepthCrypto is committed to making corrections and clarifications, should any issue come to light. We take prompt action to review any concerns brought to us by our readers, and if warranted, immediately update any content on the website. This includes new information that was not available at the time of publication and any other necessary updates to an article. If you believe you’ve found anything incorrect on our website, please email us. Our goal is to be the single most accurate and up-to-date source of nutrition information available.