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24Hr – Crypto Glossary Definition:

In the context of cryptocurrency trading and technical analysis, “24Hr” or “24 hours” refers to a specific time frame used to analyze and track various data points over a continuous 24-hour period. This time frame is essential for assessing cryptocurrency price movements, trading volumes, and other relevant metrics within a single day.

The “24Hr” data is instrumental in providing traders and investors with a comprehensive overview of how a particular cryptocurrency has performed within the past day. It allows them to observe crucial factors, including price fluctuations, high and low price levels, open and close prices, and trading volumes.

Traders, especially intra-day traders, rely on “24Hr” data to make informed decisions and predictions about short-term market trends. By analyzing price movements and patterns within this time frame, traders can assess the direction of the market and determine potential entry and exit points for their trades.

Moreover, the ability to access real-time “24Hr” data is paramount for traders, as it enables them to monitor cryptocurrency price changes continuously. This real-time tracking is essential for identifying even minor price fluctuations, helping traders assess ongoing market sentiment and make timely trading decisions.

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