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Airnode: Airnode is a specialized open-source middleware designed for the Web3 and blockchain ecosystem. It functions as an oracle solution, enabling seamless integration of web APIs with blockchain applications. In the context of decentralized networks, where direct access to real-world data is a challenge for smart contracts, Airnode bridges this gap effectively. It provides a serverless, maintenance-free platform, allowing any web API to connect directly to a blockchain application without the need for third-party intermediaries. This facilitates the flow of real-world data to smart contracts, enhancing their functionality and applicability in diverse use cases.

Unlike traditional oracles, Airnode offers full control to users over their blockchain connectivity, allowing businesses and individuals to integrate with blockchain apps while retaining complete revenue and control. This direct connectivity solution addresses the limitations of blockchain in accessing external data, making Airnode a critical tool in advancing the capabilities and reach of blockchain technology.

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