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Volume in cryptocurrency refers to the total amount of a digital currency that is traded within a specified timeframe, typically over a 24-hour period. It encompasses all the buying and selling activities of a particular token or coin, acting as a comprehensive ledger that records these transactions. Trading volume is a crucial metric for gauging the popularity and liquidity of a cryptocurrency.

It helps traders and investors to understand the frequency and intensity of the trading activity associated with a crypto asset. High trading volumes often indicate a healthy level of interest and activity around a cryptocurrency, suggesting its widespread acceptance and use in the market. Conversely, low trading volumes can be a warning sign, often associated with less active or declining projects, and may signal potential delisting from exchanges.

Investors and traders also scrutinize trading volume to identify investment opportunities, as significant changes in volume can influence the price of the cryptocurrency, offering chances for profit. Note that trading volume only includes publicly traded cryptocurrencies and excludes privately traded ones through over-the-counter (OTC) markets.

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